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Guaranteed 100% Performance


We guarantee lighting fast response times delivering up to 200,000 IOPS in less than 1 ms average latency*, under any workload condition. The ISE All-Flash Array was purpose-built to easily handle performance intensive mixed workloads, I/O storms, and complex high throughput applications.

Guaranteed 100% Capacity


Many storage vendors promise full capacity, but only X-IO truly delivers on that promise. ISE delivers 25-40% more usable TB of capacity than the leading array, while uniquely guaranteeing that 100% of the rated IOPS are available, no matter how full. In other words, day 1 rated capacity is identical five years later.

Guaranteed Reliability & Simplicity


Enjoy built-in support with little administrative intervention for five or more years, compared to the industry’s norm of three years. We back this claim with a five-year, no-cost warranty. Combine that with simple management via ISE Manager, the hypervisor, the database management system, or the application itself. Simplicity and stability never looked better.

Guaranteed Availability & Support


With BETTER BY DESIGN engineering, guaranteed reliability, and five 9s availability, chances are you won’t ever need to call support. But in case you do, you’ll be greeted by the most knowledgeable, friendliest support engineers on the planet. You’ll get access to collaborative problem-solving, replacement parts, and component related advice—24/7.

*Based on reference workload. Contact an X-IO account representative below for program details.

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“We’ve seamlessly integrated the ISE 800 series alongside our existing X-IO disk storage systems, and are now able to support a variety of workloads regardless of application. The all-flash array delivers low latency for our critical transactional database applications and there’s no performance degradation as capacity is filled.”

Chris Schremser, CTO

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