ISE Manager

Dynamic Yet Simple Storage Management

Reliable, high-performance storage is an integral part of your IT infrastructure and managing your organization’s storage can be a huge challenge. X-IO has developed a full suite of ISE management applications and integrations to simplify the operations of your data center and maximize your storage performance.

Management Software, BETTER BY DESIGN

Making it Simple


ISE Manager seamlessly integrates with Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware, and creates a streamlined, compatible environment so you can perform tasks quickly, with just a few clicks. It eliminates the need to switch between multiple tools and interfaces and opens the door to incredible new functionality not available from the native operating systems.

The 50,000 Foot Virtual View


With award-winning Virtual View and Server View, you can quickly provision and manage physical storage for Windows and Linux servers, as well as virtual storage in your Citrix, Hyper-V, and VMware infrastructure. You get immediate functionality and compatibility, dramatically reducing your storage set up time.

Cloud-Scale Storage Management


With ISE Manager, there is no need to manage individual storage devices. It allows you to deploy and provision storage on multiple ISE systems, virtualization platforms, and host operating systems into logical management groups, letting you create dynamic performance-driven clouds.

Performance and Health Monitoring


ISE Manager comes with an easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard that collects telemetry data and reports it at a granular level, helping you avoid storage bottlenecks. You also get setup and configuration of X-IO’s 24/7 phone-home system, ActiveWatch, which provides proactive storage health monitoring and reporting.

ISE Manager Functionality

With ISE Manager Suite, you have the power to customize your storage management as you see fit. You get simple storage management across physical hosts, clusters, vCenter servers, XenServer pools, and Hyper-V clusters.

“X-IO’s ISE systems were a piece of cake to bring online. We’re not experts, so the fact that it just takes a half a dozen clicks and you’re good to go is pretty key for us.”

Ted Carter, Hosting Infrastructure Manager

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