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Performance monitoring and evaluation is a critical function in any computing environment but especially important in VDI, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Cloud Computing solutions. These environments have performance requirements that would be considered Super Computing levels just a few years ago. Performance monitoring for these environments requires several features above and beyond day-to-day operations monitoring:

  1. Fine-grained resolution (measured in single-digit seconds between samples)
  2. The ability to access thousands of possible monitoring points
  3. A systematic method for creating, storing, and automatically naming log files
  4. Mechanism to extract pertinent data for analysis and truncate the data based on a specific timeframe
  5. Method for visualizing the data from real-time or archived data sources
  6. Data portability. Data must be able to be converted to different formats that can be imported to any utility that a customer uses for visualizing the data.

Performance monitoring of this level has traditionally not been feasible or has been prohibitively expensive. Solutions that can provide this level of insight to system performance have been difficult to implement and required expensive software licenses to purchase. When these solutions have been implemented, analysis has generally been limited to only the tools that the storage vendor supplies with the monitoring application. This data is usually captive in each vendor’s specific format.

Unlike other storage systems, the ISE constantly reports detailed performance metrics with no performance penalty. The X-IO Performance Adapter for Windows Performance Monitor has been designed to provide X-IO customers a method to access the wealth of real-time data that is available from the ISE Storage System. This application leverages the Microsoft Windows Performance Monitor platform by providing insight into the ISE systems that high performance environments require.


X-Volume is host-based software that greatly improves the performance and scalability of multiple ISE Storage Systems. X-Volume enables you to create and manage large pools of virtualized storage to address customer needs for highly scalable, flexible and cost-effective storage environments.


Scale performance – X-volume enhances the performance of any ISE configuration by creating super-LUNs that are striped across multiple datapacs within a single or multiple ISE storage systems.

Performance without limits – ISE storage systems are designed to deliver near linear scalability as each additional ISE resource is added to the system. With X-Volume, multiple ISE resources can be configured –virtually without limit — to deliver millions of IOPS.

Capacity without limits – Unlike most storage systems, ISE was designed from day one to operate as a virtualized storage resource. X-Volume enhances this capability by enabling the administrator to create super LUNs from across the entire ISE resource pool. X-volume has been tested to LUN size of 244 TB.

Capacity on demand – X-Volume LUNs can be extended dynamically without requiring application downtime. Centralized Management – Any number of X-Volumes can be monitored and managed remotely from a central ISE Manager or from the local host.

Investment Protection and Immediate ROI – without any other change to the infrastructure, X-Volume will enhance the performance and scalability of applications running on any supported host platform in configuration with ISE storage.

Multiple Host Platforms – X-Volume is host-based, cluster-aware software currently available for Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 Core Edition, Windows Server 2008 R2 Core Edition including Clusters.


Cortex web services

Scale-out frame-free storage architectures require that every unit of storage—every “brick” in the storage architecture—be fully manageable, and able to be fully provisioned, remotely, by an arbitrary application, including the application using the storage.

To enable remote inspection, interrogation, provisioning, re-provisioning, and ongoing management of small and large pools of ISEs from arbitrary software environments, the ISE is wrapped in X-IO’s CorteX RESTful APIs. Every atomic operation that can be performed on an ISE is available, via the CorteX APIs, to an external program written in an arbitrary language. All ISE management software, including the ISE Manager product, made available by X-IO use the CorteX APIs.

The CorteX Orchestration Services include in-built discovery and enumeration, so that a RESTful inquiry made to any single ISE within a pool yields the information on all ISEs within that pool, making it simple for an arbitrary application to discover and manage any ISE or a combination of ISEs, within the ISE pool.

X-IO customers with large ISE fields report that they can provision, re-provision, and manage their ISEs with a few dozen lines of high-level code that is written in languages as widely variant as Visual Basic and Ruby.

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