Axellio Super IO Platform

Defining Performance and Resiliency at the Edge…

Living at the Edge is not for the faint of heart, this is where Axellio™ thrives. Axellio puts itself in an ideal placement leveraging the FabricXpress™ Architecture to exploit its full power. Enabling real-time analytics on high-bandwidth big data streams such as fraud and anomaly detection, complex/stream event processing, and algorithmic trading, transforms this data into useful actionable intelligence.

Axellio brings the promise of NVMe to reality, including the first true fulfillment of unequaled sustained throughput and end-to-end low latency response. This is all achieved using dual-ported NVMe SSDs, dual-controller design, and an integrated PCIe fabric.

X-IO’s Axellio is an advanced compute/storage architecture incorporating 2 dual CPU servers with up to 88 cores and up to 2TB of RAM, tightly coupled with up to 72 x 2.5” NVMe SSDs – all in a 2U form factor.

With over 500TB of capacity, Axellio is the ideal platform for ingesting, storing, and executing real-time analytics on high-bandwidth big data streams. Throughput up to 60GB/s, over 12 Million transactions per second, and latency measured in the 10s of microseconds, brings a new level of performance and resiliency to the Edge.

Extraordinary Value

Lower Size, Weight, and Power Per Mission with Incredible Life Cycle Cost Savings

Infinitely Flexible

Six Modular Slots For Any Mix of Flash Storage, CPU or GPU to Meet Demanding Mission Requirements and Easily Upgrade, Expand, or Reconfigure

Unprecedented Density

Hyper-Integrated Compute, Storage and Memory in 2U Box with Up to 88 CPU Cores, 552 TB Storage, 2TB RAM

Lightning Fast

Novel Architecture Dramatically Accelerates Processing Speeds Incorporating Best-in-Class Hardware, Protocols and Fabric

Network capabilities to match internal bandwidth

The architecture incorporates two I/O module slots per server for a total of four I/O slots for flexibility in connectivity options, slot 1 being PCIe Gen3x16 and slot 2 being PCIeGen3x8.

The I/O modules flexibly support 10, 40 or 100GbE and QDR/FDR InfiniBand. These RDMA capable I/O modules optimize network connectivity to further reduce latency and improve bandwidth capability.

The architecture optionally incorporates Non Transparent Bridge (NTB) connectivity between the dual server modules to enable the ultimate ultra-low latency, high bandwidth interconnect between server nodes within the appliance.


Each appliance includes two server modules, specifications listed are per appliance


CPU:4 x intel
32 cores/64 threads
@ 2.1GHz

CPU:4 x intel
48 cores/96 threads
@ 2.2GHz

CPU:4 x intel
72 cores/144 threads
@ 2.3GHz

CPU:4 x intel
88 cores/176 threads
@ 2.2GHz


32GB to 2TB RAM

Network connections

4×10 GbE and 4x10GbE or 4×40 GbE

Storage capability

Storage capability, share between server modules

1 – 6 FlashPacs
Each FlashPac holds 12 Dual Ported NVMe SSDs [800,1600, 3200 or 7680 GB]
Total capacity: 9.6TB – 552TB
I/O Performance Capability: over 60GB/s transfer rate, 12M+IOPS, fully populated


2U (H 3.5” x W 17.25” x L 36.5”)

System cooling

7x60mm dual stage counter rotating heavy duty fans with PWM fan speed controls

Power supplies

80 PLUS TITANIUM Grade Dual Redundant Power Supplies

@100-120v: Dual 1100W Out @100-120V, 15A + Dual 1000W Out @100-120V, 10.5-12.5A, 50-60Hz
@230-240v: Dual 1500W Out @230-240V, 11A, + Dual 2000W Out @230-240V, 9.8-10.0A,50-60Hz


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