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The most resilient, high performance and cost effective storage solutions in the industry

Ask an X-IO Intelligent Storage Element customer what they think about their ISE ownership experience, and that’s likely to be the first thing you hear.  Over, and over. No outages, no unexpected performance degradation, no unusable capacity, no tinkering and tuning.


High performance block storage

The Intelligent Storage Element is designed, from the ground up, to deliver best-in-market block storage performance, on Day One, and Day 1800.

When newly-racked. When half-full. When completely full.

With no service events, and no cumbersome and time-consuming manual intervention.

Running on ISEs, your virtualized infrastructure and your RDBMS applications will run much faster, for much longer, at much lower cost, and without service incidents. No conventional big-frame enterprise storage array or hybrid upstart can match us.

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Management software

Intelligent Storage Elements manage themselves — in small groups, or pools of hundreds. At X-IO, we believe storage should be invisible, and we designed and built the ISE to be trouble-free.

But even when you have a storage array that takes care of itself, you need software that can take care of you.

X-IO’s ISE Manager, with its Virtual View feature, brings your entire hypervisor ecosystem together, on a single pane of glass, with telemetry from every ISE in your pool, so hypervisor administrators no longer need a PhD. in storage to build and operate high-performance, high-reliability virtualization environments.

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High performance NAS storage

Coupled with Windows Storage Server 2012, the Intelligent Storage Element holds the technology industry’s high-water mark for SMB3 NAS file service performance: more than 15 gigabytes per second, serving up over 100 TB of enterprise-grade hard disk drives.

Fast enough, big enough, to run SQLServer on top of SMB3.

Super-heated performance that beats all comers, including hyper-expensive all-flash arrays.

SMB, NFS, HDFS, Gluster — as large-scale file services take their place alongside traditional block storage in modern IT architectures, you can choose the file service protocols that makes sense for your architecture and applications, and we’ll provide the ISE accelerator to make them sing, at any scale you need.

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20 Years. $200M. Invented here.

X-IO Technologies was founded in 2007, through the combination of old-guard SAN vendor XioTech — the pioneering market leader in ease-of-use and ease-of-administration in SAN environments — and the Seagate Advanced Storage Architecture group, chartered by Seagate to produce a new class of storage technology that optimized performance, capacity and reliability. No trade-offs. No compromises.

Twenty years of combined heritage in ease-of-use, performance and reliability, more than $200M in investment in core, rocket-science research and development, and 100+ patents produced the Intelligent Storage Element (ISE), the industry’s first self-managing, self-healing scalable storage array, and the HyperISE: the industry’s first self-managing hybrid storage array, combining self-healing enterprise-grade hard disk drives with enterprise-grade SSDs, under the control of an intelligent self-tuning adaptive data placement engine that knows when applications benefit from having data in SSD, and when they don’t.

We’re inventors, not integrators. Our competitors say: performance, capacity or reliability — pick one. We say: performance, capacity and reliability — you can have them all. And we’ll guarantee it.

Interoperability for software-defined storage

King SAN Controller is dead. Long live software-defined storage.

As the locus of control in modern IT architectures shifts, from the SAN controller to operating systems, hypervisors and database management systems, as converged network fabrics become, finally, a reality rather than an academic’s idea of a good time, and as network file systems become a viable alternative to block storage for an increasingly large number of performance-sensitive applications, interoperability is the IT architect’s safety valve.

Whether you’re committed to Oracle, SQLServer, or DB2; whether you’re standardizing on HyperV, Citrix, VMware or some combination of those; whether you’re convinced that Linux wins, or that Windows Server’s market dominance is inevitable; whether you’re pushing iSCSI to its scalability limits or refreshing your FibreChannel infrastructure and waiting for the next incarnation of convergence,  X-IO’s done the certification and testing work to ensure that ISEs will plug, play and perform in your infrastructure.

Cost matters. Performance matters.

In modern IT infrastructures — in the enterprise, or in the cloud — the majority of performance-sensitive applications fall into a provisioning band: 400 to 8000 IOPS for each terabyte of storage provisioned.

Below that band is the land of the cheap-and-deep, where procurement buys at market, on dollars-per-gigabyte, for data that’s written once, and often used never again.

Above it, the small, exotic island of pure-play SSD, for those rarified applications and infrastructure that need ultra-high IOPS, and little or no capacity, and where price is no object.

In the mainstream performance band — from 400 to 8000 IOPS for every provisioned terabyte — X-IO is the lowest-cost supplier of enterprise-grade storage. Better performance, at lower cost.

Factor in a five- to seven-year duty cycle, a free five-year warranty, zero forklift upgrades as you scale, and an energy and space consumption profile 40-70% lower than any of our competitors, and the economics of the ISE are unmatched, and unbeatable.

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