ISE Station X Large-Scale Data Center Configurations

ISE Station X

ISE Station X prepackaged data center rack configurations combine 10 ISEs in a single rack, for particular performance and capacity points commonly requested by large-scale X-IO cloud service provider and enterprise data center customers. ISE Station X configurations scale up to 1 PB of capacity at over 1,000,000 IOPS, and can themselves be combined with 100% scalability, to meet the demands of multi-PB and multi-million IOPS workloads.


ISE Station XL

Designed for datacenter operations and cloud-based service providers who need both high performance and high capacity, ISE Station XL provides built-in support for major virtualization engines from Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft, removing SAN controller bottlenecks and complexity from large-scale virtualization architectures. ISE Station XL consumes only 34.56 square feet (3.21 square meters) of floor space and 28 kilowatts of energy, while producing a heat load of only 95,536 BTUs and offering the lowest power and cooling requirements in the industry.

Fully compatible with today’s leading operating systems and hypervisors, the innovative design of the ISE Station XL makes it easily expandable, beyond 1 petabyte, when needed. Housed in just four 42U racks, the ISE Station XL addresses the needs of enterprise customers with its superior ease of management, low support costs and X-IO’s unique five-year hardware warranty.

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