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X-IO Generates Over 330% ROI*

Everyone wants ROI. But to know if you’re really getting it, you need to consider more than the cost of equipment. Dozens – even hundreds – of factors determine cost, from energy use to the time you spend on maintenance and upgrades; from end-user productivity to customer satisfaction.

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Why We're Different

Watch our CEO Bill Miller explain how X-IO’s technical architecture is optimal for demanding workloads and environments that need predictable and scalable storage that goes far beyond any other storage vendor.

Designed for a Purpose

All-Flash Arrays

iglu blaze gives you flexible OS and hypervisor integrations while providing the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership.

User-Friendly Software Management

ISE management software simplifies data center operations while helping you maximize storage performance.

High-Performance Data Storage

The Intelligent Storage Element all-flash, hybrid, and disk storage arrays deliver industry-leading data storage performance.

Big Data, Database,
and Cloud Applications

Get data warehousing and analytics processing speeds up hundreds of times faster than leading competitors.

Better By Design


100% performance at 100% capacity  with consistent high throughput and low latency even at massive scale with variable workloads.


Highly available and reliable storage to support the most demanding application uptime needs and seamless data protection.


Set-and-forget ease of management with a 5-year warranty helps you eliminate forklift upgrades and costly warranty extensions.


High performance from less storage in addition to inclusive data services, gives you the most efficient price per I/O in the industry.

The World's Fastest Car Uses the World's Fastest Data Storage


X-IO Technologies is honored to be selected as the data storage telemetry vendor that will capture data in one of the most extreme and challenging environments—the alkali salts plains of South Africa. The BLOODHOUND team needed super fast and reliable data storage that uses the best components combined with the best engineering experience available.

Visit our BlOODHOUND SSC Project page to get the latest news, videos, and and content about the BLOODHOUND Project.

“Our SQL Server database screams
and we are processing our meeting
data 50% faster.”

Kevin Hayward, PGI

“The X-IO ISE storage solution…gives us high performance, 100 percent utilization, and superior reliability.”

Nick Daffan, Argus/Verisk Analytics

X-IO is Transforming
the Data Center

400% Performance  Improvement

”We’ve implemented it and we’ve been thrilled, the performance you get for the same amount of space is incredible. We instantly saw a huge improvement in performance in the applications.”

Watch the video to learn how Global Data Systems  saved time, money, and energy while increasing performance by at least 400% compared to their previous vendor.

Our Technology Alliance Partners

high-Performance block storage

The Intelligent Storage Element is designed, from the ground up, to deliver best-in-market block storage performance, on Day One, and Day 1800.  

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ISE management software delivers a high-performance, zero-touch, worry-free management experience designed for server and virtualization administrators.

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Coupled with Windows Storage Server 2012, the Intelligent Storage Element holds the technology industry’s high-water mark for SMB3 NAS file performance.

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